Women’s Basketball Triggers Fragile Masculinity

One of America’s biggest sports league is the NBA, or better yet known as the “men’s basketball league” and although the women’s basket league has gained traction and attention over the years, their success seems to be a trigger for some male supporters of the game. For those who have ever said anything positive about women’s basketball online know this to be true. Positive comments are met with rebuttals from rather fragile masculine egos making statements such as “return to the kitchen”. No one actually gives a damn about women’s basketball. I could probably take on any of those women in a one-on-one.

No One Is Exempted From The Vitriol

It also seems that no matter who you are, you are certainly not exempt from the opinions of women’s basketball hatred. Just ask Elena Delle Donne the female basketball player crowned as the 2-15 WNBA MVP who has been accustomed to seeing any of her online mentions being flooded with cooking and cleaning jokes as well as non-basketball playing amateurs claiming they could hold her down in a match. Delle Donne claims that she over the years she has noticed that women’s basketball specifically triggers disdain in male fans. Stating that in past years she has commented at length about women in different sports and hasn’t received the same kind of backlash and vitriol.

When The Disdain Turns Into Rage

The basketball player states that whenever the WNBA players or anyone within this organisation speak up for better pay, better media coverage or just some simple levels of respect the insults present themselves rather ragefully. This was quite evident when just last week A’ja Wilson – the rookie of the year candidate – catapulted firestorms online when she expressed wonder at Lebron James and his new $154 million deal with the LA Lakers. Noting that many WNBA players still earn well under $1 million. The backlash from sexist and egotists alike was unfounded.