The year was 1992 and the team was United States Men’s Olympic Basketball team. This amazing ensemble was renamed the Dream Team because of how great they played that year. Part of the reason why they were so stunning is because this team was a collection of players from the actual NBA. They were later called the greatest team that was ever assembled in sports. Due to the 44 average point defeat their opponents suffered. Many say that this success was a way to show the world that the best players of this sport, resided in the United States.

So Who Was On The Team?

To better understand their success, you need to know who was on the team. Firstly, they had the best player of all time Michael Jordan and then they had Magic Johnson. Johnson is referred to as the most excellent point guard of all time. You can’t go wrong with these two in your court, but it didn’t stop there. They had Karl Malone and Charles Barkley the best forwards. For the center positions they had Patrick Ewing and David Robinson. This was a team built to conquer and it didn’t disappoint, they won all of their group games.

Why They Can’t Be Topped

There have been some amazing games after this one but they don’t quite compare. In fact there is a Dream Team and then there’s a Redeem Team. The latter was the best in 2008 but critics argue that they were not able to pull off what occured in 1992. Regardless, fanatics of the sport dreams of a match between the two teams. What a game that would be! Experts state that the 1992 team took over the court, and set the bar extremely high. Even though the members of the team assembled in 1992 were of different personalities. They made it all work together to produce stunning results.