Steph Curry comes at Lebron James after new LA Lakers deal

It’s no argument that both Lebron James and Stephen Curry are two of the most acclaimed basketball players of our current generation. In fact, the debate as to who is the greatest is constantly opened for debate as each player continues to rise and prove themselves in the sport. With Lebron James having just signed a new four-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers the debates seem to have sparked up again. Well, this time Steph Curry is certainly playing around with it by taunting James stating, “You’ve still got to beat us”, referring to his own NBA team, the Golden State Warriors.

Steph Reckons It’s No Big Deal

When it was announced that James would be joining the LA Lakers there was a notion that this would turn the fortune of the giant team in the upcoming NBA season. As the team continued to sign on new blood and talent many fans started to believe that the Lakers could prove to be grave contenders in the season. Steph Curry was quick to point out that the Warriors were still the ones to beat as they happen to hold the championship rings for the last season, a fact Curry was eager to share with James. Given the fact that the Warriors continue to be NBA royalty as well as bulking up their own manpower by signing the DeMarcus cousins, they may prove a challenge yet for James and Lakers.

Curry Reckons The Warriors Are Ready

Stephen Curry also doesn’t want there to be any confusion about the skill level of his team and the idea that they aren’t still the best team in the NBA. The addition of the cousins will certainly give them an edge; however, they have been holding down their own quite well even before. The Warriors have won three championships and played in all four of the last NBA final games and he reckons they are ready to uphold this standard.