St. Catherines Falls Prey to Infiltration

Player only areas are restricted and should not be breached by media or scouts. After the first day of the FIBA U18 America’s Championships at St. Catherines in Canada, a press release was circulated. The strong-worded document cautioned that the areas are out of bounds. It seems the Meridian Centre in St. Catherines was infiltrated. A vast number of scouts had registered for the event. A total of 63 which included 34 American school representatives and 29 scouts for the NBA. It is evident that those who did the deed were from this faculty rather than the minority media representatives.

Billboards on Feet

Coaches from various colleges, recruiters and even up and coming basketball youth arrived at the event with advertising in tow. Dressed from head to toe in logos from their corresponding houses, the campus landscape was nothing more than a billboard or movement. Scattered throughout the venue you could visibly make out the groups of coaches and their entourage. They did not make it a secret they were there, however, were rather silent when the media called for their voices. It was very clear that this was a recruitment opportunity and each faculty was going all out to get the job done.

Rule To Protect Players

While scouts and recruiters are present in full force, according to the NCAA rules they are to have limited interaction with the players. Once a player reaches their senior year they may be contacted by a scout or recruiter, however, there is a limit to how many times they can be contacted. In the business, recruiters know how to bypass the laws and find other ways to peak the interest of the players. A nod, a message via a media agent or a “coincidental” walk by in a passageway have all been used to avoid NCAA rules. The safety and privacy of the players are paramount.