Shaquille Smith, The Pride of North Preston

Shaquille Smith is stepping up for the children. The North Preston player has landed the funding needed to make his dream court a reality and he hopes that it will help children become university athletes of the future. Smith who spent his childhood days on the court at North Preston graduated and Acadia University to study his Business Degree. Once he had finished school he realized that the court on which he had spent his days was in a serious state of degradation and was in need of an upgrade. North Preston will soon be the proud owners of a professional basketball court.

Reaching For The Stars

Smith attempted everything to see his dream brought to reality. He approached both businesses and the government, pitching his plans to build the modern basketball court at North Preston. Upgrades to the lighting on the court and a seating area for 280 spectators is on the cards. Smith has been granted $100,000 from the government of Nova Scotia which matches a contribution from Halifax Regional Municipality. Work is guaranteed to move forward and they are one step closer to a court for the kids. His Summer will be spent approaching local business to reach that $300,000 mark so that the new court can be built by the Fall.

Taking The Kids To New Heights

Smith has realized that kids are avidly interested in the game of basketball and he just wants to make sure that they have everything they need at their disposal to enable them to go as far as they wish to with the sport. Smith is hoping kids will be inspired to follow in his footsteps. His plans are to make the court a place that encourages further education at universities by placing banners with the names of all those from North Preston who have placed at universities. With an icon and community hero like Smith at the helm, the sky is the limit.

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