How Basketball Camps Are Empowering Yellowknife Youth

The Basketball NWT is set to hold their annual Empower Basketball Camp in Yellowknife where 90 young people from around the city will be participating in some basketball empowerment. The camp aims to bring in young aspirational basketball enthusiasts and equip them, not only in basketball skills on the court but also teach them about mental health and awareness, how to take better care of their bodies through nutrition and fitness and well as explaining the science of sports psychology. The camp is about more than just the physical traits and skills of being a basketball player, but also about how to be a fully-rounded player.

The Goal Is To Empower

According to Cole Marshall, the coach and director of Basketball NWT the camp is meant to empower these young individuals. To leave them feeling like they can achieve anything and that success in their chosen sport can be a reality. This notion stems from the fact that suicide rates among youths in the north is rather high and exclaimed that the camp was a place to instil positivity among youth between grade 7 and 11. The camp gives them the opportunity to explore their basketball skills and also consult with experienced mental health professionals who they may not otherwise have access to.

The Importance Of Mental Health

The founders and organisers of Basketball NWT are quite serious about letting the youngsters understand the importance of mental health to their potential success and advancement not just in basketball but in life. With Marshall further stating that the camp was a good place for students struggling with some of the weight of their life situations to acquire useful tools to help them navigate through these challenges. With all this said, it is still a basketball camp and therefore practising skills and techniques is also a focus, with former NWT basketball player Graeme Ryder coming in to help coach the youngsters.