Gaucher Back in the Fold

The exhibition games in Edmonton will be attended by the Canadian women’s basketball team. Kim Gaucher helps them in preparation for the start. While Kim had planned to retire from Canadian International basketball after the Olympic games in Rio in 2016, however, she felt she had more to offer to the sport. Losing to France for the gold was heartbreaking and not the note she wanted to retire on. It was her husband who supported her through this. He told her it didn’t have to end there and she could do whatever she wanted to from now on.

Dashed Hopes At The Olympics

At the Olympic games in Rio, Canada had high hope for the women’s team achieving a medal. It was the second time they had made an appearance at the games. Their offence dissipated in the fourth quarter of the quarterfinals against France and their hopes were dashed. While Gaucher would love to still be a player, she is satisfied that she has some part in the team going to the Olympics. She has always maintained that Canada is the most important thing to her. The Canadians have changed their gameplay since Rio and are much faster than before. This will be their weapon.

Gearing Up For The Games

Canada is ranked high in the FIBA world ranking at fifth and they are set to take on seventh-ranked Turkey in three matches or exhibition games in Saville Community Sports Centre. Gaucher who has been a member of the team since 2001 is back in Edmonton and guiding the women’s team to what they hope will be a victory. This is the first of three camps scheduled leading up to the World Cup in September. The event takes place in Spain and this time the ladies hope to climb the podium with medals on the cards.