Rick Fox is a Canadian former basketball player whose name remains in the headlines for his entertainment side as an actor, director, and producer. He graduated college having been the school’s all-time steals leader, with the most games played. He first made 24th overall in the NBA Draft from the Boston Celtics which he played for a long time before later signing to the Los Angeles Lakers. He has won a few NBA championships with his first being with the Lakers. He retired from the NBA in October 2004 to focus on his acting career which he has done successfully in too.

The Story of Rick Fox

This star may be known for his many acting and production roles in television, but his career began in sports. He was born in Canada to a Canadian mother and Bahamian father who would later move the family to reside in his native country. While an exchange student at the Warsaw Indiana high school, he began to play basketball, which despite banning issues in high school, he would later pick up at college at UNC. For his studies, he majored in radio, television and motion pictures science, which he would later use for his entertainment career.

Jumping from Hoop to Hoop

Rick Fox’s professional basketball career began in 1992 when his career took it’s first initial forward step. He was the initial starter for the Boston Celtics, on the very first day of the game which was a feat last seen in 1979 when Larry Bird did it. He would also make the NBA All-Fresh players Second Team, playing two seasons which by the 95-96 periods would make him the team’s starting forward. Fox would then join the Lakers, a strategic move as, he then won his 3x NBA championships, and in 2001, would successfully hit three of his three-point field goal attempts. The Lakers would have a four-game series which they won consistently with Fox contributing pointwise.