Duke welcomes its new batch of freshmen onto campus

As the final week of June wraps up at Duke it can only mean one thing, it is time for the next group of Blue Devils to start filling up the campus to become the next best thing in varsity basketball. Playing for the Blue Devils is a lofty accomplishment that any aspiring NBA wannabe is happy to take. One young man who is aware of this is R.J. Barret, who is, unfortunately, one of the players who won’t be around this week. The young man who is ranked number one among the new incoming group of freshmen is still based in his home country adding some international playing experience under his belt. He is currently part of Canada’s men’s national team where is helping them compete in the FIBA Basketball World Cup qualifiers.

Everyone Else Is Ready For Campus

As the new freshmen arrive Barret will be the only newcomer not present when the university’s summer season begins on July 2nd. However, Blue Devil 7-foot veteran, Croatia’s Antonio Vrankovic will also be absent as he plays for his country in the European qualifiers of the FIBA World Cup. With the exception of these players, the Blue Devils will congregate at Duke’s campus to start preparations for the next season. Duke’s coach Mike Krzyzewski expressed that he felt quite anxious about the upcoming varsity league and also coaching the young boys. He is most anxious about seeing how the newbies will fit in with the veterans.

Duke’s Been Doing Quite Alright

In the last season, Duke reached the NCAA Tournament’s eight elites. The team has led some of the best players in basketball who go on to be drafted into the NBA and excel in the sport. Last season four Blue Devil starters were drafted in the upcoming NBA season. Namely, Wendell Carter, Gary Tent, Marvin Bagley the third and Grayson Allen. The welcoming of Barret may see Duke yielding another future NBA starter.