Casino’s in Canada Sponsoring Athletes

A boom in casino gambling and its patrons either being sports lovers or big names in sporting, saw an interest to merge the two amongst casino owners. Sponsorships between gaming companies and professional sports franchises have increased due to popularity around sports like football, baseball, and basketball. The second most popular sport to wager though is basketball due to the sport being so straightforward and easy to understand. Members of the NBA League though were not always open to the idea of casinos owning sports teams due to ethical issues, thus to avoid conflicts, you will not find certain NBA teams in the famous casinos, due to part ownership.

This is Not Just a Game

Due to the blurred lines that can be created around gambling and sporting events, the Canadian government has played a big role in ensuring the correct legal processes have been followed around casinos. Their establishment has mainly been around creating employment and empowering the community in Canada through sports betting. The focus for Niagara Falls has been to the billions of dollars generated from both online casinos and land-based casinos with live dealers in Canada and making it work legally at the same time. This then has meant keeping clear boundaries between the casinos, and the athletes, as well as the sports teams, to ensure due ethics are followed.

Names in the Game to Know

Toronto based company; Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment operates a host of club sports from basketball to hockey and also operates concert venues for sporting events amongst many other sport related activities. They also happen to be the main sponsor for the Canadian NBA qualified basketball team, the Toronto Raptors. Pro-Line, the Ontario run lottery by the government generates the sales for sports betting and ensures due regulations are followed both in land casinos and online.