Canada Isn’t Intimidated By The Haka

The Canucks beat the New Zealand team right in the dying moment of the game last night. A final score of 88-86 was enough to put the team through to the finals of the Commonwealth Games. While the weather may be somewhat hot in Australia right now, Canada is bringing the chill. Not even the fear-inducing Haka was enough to throw Canada off their game. The final showdown is set to be a nail-biter of note with Canada prepared to lay it all on the line in pursuit of glory and recognition for the country they love so dearly.

Setting Up The Attack

There just wasn’t a thing Canada could do wrong in the semifinal against New Zealand. It is as if the Gods were smiling down on them. Mamadou Gueye looked like a veteran of 10 years on the court. The defenders were in action as the ball was flung over the head and outstretched arms of the opposition. The score was imminent and Gueye made the final shot. The Tall Blacks had been taken down by the Canucks in an epic battle that saw Canada ahead of the game the entire time. New Zealand always appeared on the back foot.

The Path To Victory is Laden With Aussie Gold

The only obstacle in the path of Canada on the way to a finals victory are hosts from the Gold Coast, Australia. Australia overcame a surprised and previously unbeaten Scotland on the way to the final. Let’s not forget that they beat Canada by 40 points in the pool games. While the odds may be stacked against Canada, their spirits are high and an upset defeat could be a reality. Revenge is sweet, as the saying goes. The final is set to be a cracker with the ball in the air as to which way the pendulum will swing.