Basketball is the most loved sport in Canada. Extremely fitting for a sport that originated through the ideas of a Canadian, James Naismith in 1891. He was working in Springfield, Massachusetts at the YMCA at the time. He recognized a need for an indoor winter activity that was easy to learn and perfect and could be played in teams. His aim was to develop something that made use of skills rather than brute force. The game was first played using a peach net as a basket which was placed 3m above the ground and nailed to the wall securely in place

Rules Made To Be Followed

From the outset, Naismith imposed thirteen basic rules which are still part of the modern game today. Players were prohibited from with the ball, with the ball in hand you had to stand still and pass to the next player. No brute force was allowed against another player and that included shouldering, pushing, tripping, holding, or striking. Players who defied the rules were penalized and the opposing team was given a free throw. Rules are important in any game. They instil discipline in the individuals and encourage teamwork. The offending player was not penalized alone, it was the team that suffered the consequences of the action.

Old vs Modern

While the basics of the game haven’t changed considerably there have been some deviations in the way it is played today. While in the old form of the game, players could not run with the ball in hand, in the modern day game players can move, however, the ball has to be bounced and dribbled along. Players may not carry the ball while in motion. Another evident difference is that in the modern game when a ball is placed into the net, the game continues making is faster paced, however, in the past, once the ball was netted, it was retrieved and returned to the centre mark for a toss-up.