While basketball is a fiercely competitive sport, if played in the right spirit it can provide entertainment value of considerable proportions. The game encourages the development of motor skills, enforces rule following and provides physical exercise which is vital to growth. Mastering skills and strategy are key because in basketball sheer force won’t get you to the top. Good sportsmanship is imperative to the game and the ability to lose gracefully to a stronger opponent, while a bitter pill to swallow, is encouraged. Keeping youngsters off the street where danger lurks is achieved through getting involved in the game.

No “I” In Team

Basketball is a game played in teams. Without the smooth communication and collaboration between teammates, it will be a hard task to get the ball into the hoop at the opposing side of the court. Passes must be timed perfectly in order to avoid the opposing defense and this requires frequent, vocal communication and following of a pre-determined plan. If you are one that wants the glory for yourself, this is not a sport for you and to be honest, the attitude won’t get you far in life. Working within a team environment is vital to success in any career path you choose as well as in personal relationships.

Taking Basketball Professional

If you have the skill and passion to make it to the professional stage like the NBA, you will require the ability to work in a team even more than before as well as the ability to adapt to different team situations. The professional leagues often require players to move from team to team and the quicker you are able to adapt, the more success you will achieve. Basketball is not just a game, it is a way of life and the lessons learned through the sport will bode you well in the future, whether in basketball or daily life.