There are many movies that are made with inspiration from Basketball. It is one of the greatest sports ever played, so this makes total sense. But why this specific sports? The answer is simple, it has all of the great aspects required to tell a perfect story. It has competition, background and the underdog that emerges and propers at the end. It doesn’t get any better than this! A great sports movie is one where the athlete perseveres against all the odds. Many individuals have noted that watching B-ball movies has had them at the edge of their seats. Some have even helped the resolve personal conflicts.

Great B-ball Movies Of All Time

There is a list of the greatest B-ball movies ever made. If you are a true fan you have seen most of them, as an aspiring baller you need to watch them. At the top of the list is the 1994 box office hit, Blue Chips starring crowd favourite Shaquille O’Neal. Those that followed are Me, Earl and Cornbread, anyone who doesn’t know them is not a true fan. Others that have managed to capture crowds include Celtic Pride, Like Mike, Teen Wolf, Fast Break, Semi-Pro and many others. You can stream those that you haven’t had the pleasure of viewing yet.

How They Contribute To Society

Aside from the usual struggles present in these kinds of movies. There are other themes discussed which help people. These stories have a knack for capturing the mindstate of where society is currently. Showing people how others think and relate in different situations. For instance, the story behind Like Mike is one of an orphaned boy who not only plays like a star because of the shoes he found. But that young boy finds a father figure in that situation. This also alludes to the fact that many boy children lack father figures in society.